Top Design Trends Continuing in 2023

January 17, 2023

Top Design Trends Continuing in 2023
Is 2023 the year you plan to build a new home, renovate, or simply refresh your current space? If so, you may be wondering what styles are still trending and which are on their way out. Over the last few years, due to the pandemic, we have spent more time at home and, for many, it has changed our perspective on our living spaces, both functionally and aesthetically. While I believe your home should reflect your personal style, many look to trends to keep their home looking and feeling fresh. With that being said, here are some of the hottest interior design styles to look forward to in 2023!
  • Moody Tones
While neutral colors may still dominate much of the home, adding dark, moody, saturated colors is gaining in popularity. Design experts tend to say that smaller spaces, such as a closet or powder room, can be a great place to test out these tones. Mixing moody tones with ample lighting and natural wood accents will help give the room extra warmth. Adding a pop of a moody color to an otherwise neutral room is also a great way to add interest and dimension. Consider painting a fireplace mantle or accent wall. If paint seems too overwhelming, adding a moody tone to your space can also be achieved through accent pieces, pillows, and rugs, not just paint. If you’re looking for some of our favorite darker paint colors, however, you can check them out below:

  • Sherwin Williams: Urbane Bronze 
  • Sherwin Williams: Cyberspace
  • Benjamin Moore: Backwoods
  • Sherwin Williams: Iron Ore
  • Sherwin Williams: Hale Navy
  • Benjamin Moore: Cheating Heart
  • Archways & curved designs
This might be my favorite of all the trends to continue into 2023! From arched doorways, windows, shelving, and even furniture, curved elements are all the rage. Many new builds utilizing this style tend to repeat these arches throughout the home, creating continuity and cohesiveness. Adding arched doorways can help make a room feel larger and more spacious by drawing the eye upward. Experts tend to caution against adding drastic archways if your home features a more modern, straight-lined feel as it may seem out of place. A gentle way to add this trend to your home, is to start with tile or wallpaper instead of structural changes. In addition, curved sofas, chairs with rounded edges, headboards, coffee tables, and even art seem to be making a comeback. Adding curves into your decor will help to give the space a more comfortable, calming aesthetic. 
  • Vintage Finds & Antique Inspired Finishes 
Out with the new, in with the old? Mass-produced furniture seems to be a trend heading out the door! Designers and homeowners alike are adding vintage pieces back into the home. Not only can you find many vintage pieces at lower price points, but they are often one of a kind pieces that add character, charm, and individuality to the home. Vintage elements, such as velvet and rattan are also making a comeback. In addition, antique inspired finishes such as gold, bronze, and brass continue to shine into the new year. 
  • Statement Stones 
I hope this trend sticks around for a while, because I absolutely love it! Adding statement stone to a kitchen or bathroom automatically adds an element of luxury and vibrancy. Say “goodbye” to classic subway style and “hello” to gorgeous slabs with veining and deep contrast. Large, natural stone slab backsplashes create a seamless flow, as opposed to grout tile backsplashes. It is commonly used on the countertop as well and carried up the back as the backsplash with a continual ledge, creating continuity and simplicity. The most frequently used stones are typically marble, granite, and Calacatta quartz.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Living
The indoor/outdoor merge is a trend that gained popularity during the pandemic as people were confined to their homes and longing for outdoor space and fresh air. Seamlessly integrating these spaces typically involves opening up the home to a patio, porch, or garden through the use of sliding or garage-style doors. Adding luxe materials and furniture will establish an upscale, relaxed feel as if you are living at a resort. Consider adding plentiful, comfortable seating, fire and water features, televisions, heaters and fans to truly make your outside living an extension of your home. 
Remember, trends are just trends! What’s most important is that YOU love your space! Let us know what you think! Tag us on Instagram at @bradpoolegroup to showcase how you utilized these trends in the new year!

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